Vision & Objectives

Vision & Objectives
Vision: Our vision is to be one people with unified voice, living in friendly, vibrant and inclusive communities.
  1. To promote the interests and meaningful participation of the residents of North of McKnight communities in all aspects of Canadian life. Promoting participation will involve the engagement of residents at a grassroots level, and the connections of people’s talents and interests with opportunities to be involved in their own communities.
  2. To provide a forum for North of McKnight communities to discuss and address issues and concerns that impact the communities and to develop common strategies. NMCS will voice the needs and concerns affecting residents at all levels of government, and provide a forum to take action on pressing needs that will provide support to all residents and ease the integration of new ones.
  3. To provide North of McKnight communities with a platform to influence relevant public services and programs. NMCS will work closely with other organizations within the 7 neighborhoods to ensure needs of the residents are being reflected in services provided as well as public policies.
  4. To promote greater cooperation among North of McKnight communities to build a stronger social fiber. NMCS will conduct grass root engagement of diverse residents comprising of North of McKnight neighborhoods to create understanding, respect, build unity, relationships, and jointly facilitate community activities.
  5. To serve as a mechanism to facilitate consultation and equitable collaboration between North of McKnight communities and other stakeholders. NMCS will identify leadership from various stakeholders of the community and collaborate with these stakeholders to address common issues.